Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last Semester Break 2013

Shortest semester break ever.

It is because I am going to start internship tomorrow! After the finished my last final exam in my year 2, I had a 2 weeks rest. In this two weeks, there were many activities with friends.
Badminton Session with Uni Friends.
Photo credits to Tiffany.
For the first week, I had a futsal and badminton session with Uni friends, and played computer games (after so many months!) with friends. For the second weeks, I had some fun with high school friends.

23th December 2013
All these photos in this day are credits to Amelie Yap.
At the back: Me
In front (start from left): Amelie, Yen Seng, Wei Shen

Me, Amelie, Wei Shen and Yen Seng

Amelie and Me
Amelie and Me

Me and Wei Shen
From left: Myself, Amelie, Yen Seng, Wei Shen
Start from left: Wei Shen, Me, Yen Seng, Amelie
Me with the angel wings!

My secondary school friends, Wei Shen, Yen Seng and Amelie, went out for a super duper and epic failed birthday celebration. We gathered at Rex Box, Sunway Pyramid for the first activity of the day. Before Yen Seng and his friends arrived, three of us have planned for the ‘surprised’ birthday celebration, which was me and Wei Shen bought cake for him during the karaoke session. Yen Seng, however, guessed our plan correctly and scold us for not being professional in organizing this kind of celebration. Okay.
We had some fun in the pool and snooker room, which located in the Sunway Megaline, for two hours after the karaoke session ended. Amelie finally knew how to play pool after the tutorial session from me and Alex (Yen Seng’s bestie). Wei Shen should be the most unlucky person among us because he hit both of the black balls and white balls into hole for TWO TIMES when he versus me. It was TWO TIMES! Unlucky. Of course, I won the match with a score of 2-1.
We went to have our dinner in Sakae sushi and chit chats at outside of Starbuck before we left Sunway. It was a good day to remember because all of us gather together again since last Chinese New Year! 8 years of friend relationship, and it is still counting. I hope it will last long and we will meet again soon!

24th December 2013
I went out to watch a movie with friends, unexpectedly, because she indirectly forced me to watch it. She is one of my besties and it is my honor to spent my Christmas eve with her because she rejected three invitations from her ‘chaser’ before she texted me for movie. What a good friend. It was quite interesting because she refused to take any photo in this special day. The reason was her shirt did not match with the ‘background’. Okay :( .

25th December 2013
This is absolutely one of the best Christmas ‘celebrations’ in my life. I went out with three of ex-librarian, we know each other for at least seven years, and it is still counting too. We studied in the same high school, joined the same club, three of us stayed at high school’s hostel for six years, and we are still ‘connecting’ with each other after graduated, of course, from the same high school.

Our coffee. ~ Coffee 1.0
Me with my lovely Camarel Latte
We met at Brew and Bread, which located at Kota Kemuning, at twelve o’clock noon. We assigned a code for this gathering, ‘Coffee 1.0’. I ordered a spaghetti and Caramel Latte, which was my first ever latte in my life, for my lunch. The atmosphere was just nice for friend’s gathering and chit chat, and the taste of coffees were brilliant! At least I enjoy the decoration on my latte and also the taste of it! I would definitely come back for the second time with friends.

Coffees. ~ Coffee 2.0
My Totoro!

Dessert. ~Coffee 2.0
‘Coffee 2.0’ immediately started at Dot Coffee Shop after we finished our lunch. I ordered Caffe Mocha for this round. It was a Totoro on my mocha. Uncommonly, I took photo with this cute decoration before I ‘destroyed’ it and let it lie in my memory forever. Although it was a ‘small’ shop, the atmosphere was good enough to let people chilling and rest.

5 o’clock, 5 hours, memorable Christmas. We did not spend much other than food and beverages, and we did not exchange or even prepare present for each other because we believe the present of four of us is the best Christmas present.

Replied from Denise Camillia !!
Ohya! I ‘received’ another Christmas present from my idol! Denise Camillia tagged my name and replied my comment on instagram! Oh my god!

Actually I only had little hope on it when I commented and wished her a Happy Merry Christmas because popular star don’t normally replied message from fans. Although it was only just a replied from her, and she don’t even know who I am, I still felt so blessed right now! Denise, thank you for the replied and wish! I hope you will eventually read this and felt my happiness! Thank you again!

At last, let me shout out loud at here, ‘What a Merry Christmas!!!’

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group

Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group

謝謝各位學長和Miss Meagan,因為如果沒有你們,我想我應該很難進步到現在這樣吧。
Group Photo of 2012' Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group Event
'Bring Orphans Visit Sunway Petting Zoo'
Group Photo of 2012' Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group Event
'Bring Orphans Visit Sunway Petting Zoo'

第一年要舉辦活動,而活動的範圍是community service,經過了漫長的討論,終於決定了舉辦“帶領孤兒參觀雙威的動物園”。
第一次舉辦會議,我不會控制場面,Miss Meagan就幫忙我主持了整個會議。
活動完了,在與美燕還有Miss Meagan的檢討中,我眼睛裡的黃河決堤了。

Committee team of 2013' Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group Orientation
Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group 2013
Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group 2013
第二次辦活動,和子筠一起籌辦 2013 Sunway CIS ECA Scholarslars Orientation.
這班新人在這一年裡也舉辦了三個活動。第一個活動是"Fund Raising Event",目的是為了我們今年的第二個活動“Reading Bus Event”籌款。第三個活動就是正在籌辦着明年Sunway CISA的迎新的活動。

*Reading Bus Event是一個提供來自貧窮家庭的孩子們有一個學習機會的活動,主辦當局會依據孩子們的學習能力準備一系列的閱讀活動,讓這些孩子們能夠體會學習的機會。在外國,主辦當局會駕駛裝滿書本的巴士到不同的地區進行活動。在馬來西亞,主辦當局則是採用“移動書架”的方式進行活動。活動至今引起許多正面的反響,許多孩子們也因此受益能夠獲得學習的機會。*

Sunway CIS ECA Reading Bus Event 2013

*事隔3個月,雙威大學也答應了協助承辦這個Reading Bus的活動。主辦當局也希望我們原班人馬能夠再次出動,只可惜我們因為一些內在因素,而選擇了讓其他團體主辦這些活動。*



古雲有曰 "百世修來同渡船"。我們這一班人,何止渡船那麼簡單!


Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group_ Workshop for English Improvement
Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group Last Meeting

Sunway CIS ECA Scholarsip Group last meeting and Appreciation Lunch
Sunway CIS ECA Appreciation Dinner
Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group_ Cycling Event
Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group_Cycling Event

Review Year 2 Semester 2 Life

I chose the harder road. I took five subjects in this semester, so I will able to finish all 3 years subjects within the stated period. Company Law, Research Method, Human Resource Management, Operational Management and the additional subject, Managerial Economics. It was pretty challenging because I was not good in time management.

Nevertheless, I manage to finish all these subjects with a predictably best result in my university life. Too confident? The result will be revealed soon on 17 January 2014. It believe that it will be my happiest ‘result-reveal’ day. Inter alia (means ‘other than that'), I enjoyed my incredible timetable for this semester. At the end of semester, it proved that my decision was correct. Thanks for the help from lecturer.
Research Method_Group 11
Musthaq, Shin, Me, Weijinn and the sitting Romeo
I learned a lot when I was finishing all the assignments. The weight of assignment on the shoulder was getting heavier and some of the results did not equal to our hard work. We accepted the results because as long as we tried our best, results were just something that showing whether we reached the expectation of lecturer. Indeed, we felt our improvement in term of personality, attitude and maturity. That is the more important thing than result.
TME for SUTC 35th meeting 2013-2014
Table Topic Evaluator for SUTC 36th Meeting
Delivering my CC#6_'My National Hero' in Puchong Toastmaster Club
Best Speaker for the first time (CC#5_Left or Right)
Other than academy side, I am happy with my progress in Toastmaster. I’ve already done six speeches and it is four more left to claim the award of ‘Competent Comminicator’ (a.k.a. CC, the first award after clear the first 10 speeches). In addition, I am walking out of my comfort zone as I keep challenging myself in the leadership. For example, I had held the position of Toastmaster of the Evening, Table Topic master, Table Topic Evaluator and Speech Evaluator. I still not dare to become a grammarian because the poorness of my English is simply not reaching the standard yet. I knew that I should do it to get more experience but I want to do it well for the first time, as people and I have a certain level of expectation to my performance. I will try more table topic at next year because it is a good platform to improve the speed of thinking and speaking spontaneously.

I was the president of Sunway CIS-ECA Scholarship Group, however, the group did not exist anymore. It is because of numerous reasons and I am not going to reveal it. There were many good memories among us, and we have organized successful event such as Reading Bus event, cycling event, appreciation dinner. The mixed feeling after every event was hard to describe in words because it was the combination of happy and sad. We felt sad when we were going to separate and leaving each other. Frankly, I was disappointing to myself. I knew this is a stage of learning but I simply can’t accept that I was that weak in leading a club and organizing event. Yes, everyone is saying that I have the quality to be a good leader, but I hope there is someone to guide or lead me to improve myself more because sometimes I really felt helpless. I need someone to push me. I need some new motivators to gain the confidence of a leader. I will find a way of it. I will.

There were some events with friends at this year. We went for the Scary Night at Sunway Lagoon on Halloween, ‘killing zombie’, birthday celebration of Khye Yang in Vivatel, surprised and unexpected birthday celebration with Ben, and no other than the MOST EXPENSIVE & ENJOYABLE SUBS GRANDBALL. There were still a lot of memories that I could not write in words because there was a lot of event! I am glad to have you guys be my friend. Really appreciate it. My university life will not be this colorful without you all. 

Overall, I look for a better year 3 life! My last year, my last chapter in University

Here are some links and picture for awesome events in Year 2.

Grand Ball 

SUTC Ipoh Semi- Annual Convention

SUTC Appreciation Night

Amazing Race

Melaka Trip

Gathering with ex-Room mates

Food Trip with Shin Erl and Glynis

Photos: (I only have these photos, other photos are in Instagram)
Sunway Chinese Independent School Alumni Event
Sunway CISA Event Post Event Group Photo
Sunway CISA Event photo_ Children and me
Sunway CISA Event photo 2
Scary night @ Sunway Lagoon in Halloween Night
Scary night @ Sunway Lagoon in Halloween Night 2
Scary night @ Sunway Lagoon in Halloween Night

Dedicate to a Good Friend

Preparation for this semester final exam (Year 2 Semester 2) might be the most effective and efficient in term of time management since year 1 semester 1. Networking is really extremely important in our life and I finally experienced the benefits of it during my preparation.

Better attitude and habit will be trained by good friends. It is so true when you really have them in your life. After joining into university for 2 years, I realized myself become more selfish, which is the characteristic that I used to hate. I have found out some of the excuses, perhaps it is not reasons, for this phenomenon because it was a really unwanted characteristic. Contradictory, we need to have a certain level of selfishness in order to survive in this world. People deserve what they get for their effort, and they should feel some pain which caused by themselves if they did not put much effort on it. It is cruel but it is true story which is happening everywhere in the world. There might have some exception but it is very few of it, I believe.

Luckily, I have a friend who recalled the ‘angel side’ of me during the preparation of exam. I reviewed myself and think that I was absolutely nothing if compared to others. I thought that I should be no. 1 in a team with the superiority of me. It was simply because I held many important positions in various club and event during high school time and university. It caused me to have some inappropriate perceptions and view to others. I always think that they should follow what I suggested since I have more experiences and held more positions than them. IT WAS TOTALLY WRONG!

Unlike me, this friend did not help many important positions or experiences in organizing event in his previous life, and he was at the same standard with me when I knew him. Now, he has showed the quality to be a good student and greater human being to be a better person. He shared his knowledge and notes to me and to some of his friends, and he also taught me how to become a success person in life. Apparently, I felt jealous for his transformation but at the same time, I felt impressed and blessed to have a good friend like him. Unarguably, he is one of my best friends ever and also the motivators for me. Everyone have their unique characteristic, and I am doing something which able to improved me as a better person.

I choose to type these all things at here instead of telling you face-to-face because I guess it is too weird for talking this to a guy! You will eventually found out this post, and when you did, perhaps you won’t tell me that you know this thing. I will cry. HAHA.
Once again, thank you for having you as a friend in my life.

Thank you, Musthaq.

Exam is Over!

‘Lancaster University course is very hard.’
‘Second upper and first class is a dream.’
‘Although you study very hard, you may only pass the exam but not score very marks.’
‘It is a dream for getting grade of second upper.’

Indeed, subjects in this course are very challenging. Second upper or first class is quite challenging for an ordinary guys like me. But hey, I’ve completed my 2 year life in university and I most probably will score a second upper for this semester’s subjects! I admitted that I might not work very hard compared to others but I have tried my best to score good result! Optimistic. Hard work pay off?

Some thought was appeared when I was preparing for my exam, when I was driving to university, or before I sleep every night. Unarguably, the grade is very important for our future work. My friends who are living in corporate world told me that there is a huge different for first class, second upper and second lower. The treatments to these students are totally different when they are in the selection progress. That’s one of the reasons that make me work hard because I want to have a good and easier life! (Okay, life is never gonna be easy!)
However, I personally think that result is not, and should not be, the major concern of corporate for their recruitment and selection process. The main concern should be the attitude of candidates, the human being, but not all the paper work. Let’s make it clear, a company would prefer a candidates who score grade ‘A’ in result but lack of experience in joining activity, or candidates who scored grade ‘B’ but own a lot of experiences in organizing activity? Will they choose a candidate who score ‘A’ in result without any ‘fighting’ attitude over a candidate who score ‘B’ but with a great ‘fighting’ attitude that keep him/herself improving? This should be the main concern of corporate but not just recruited the ‘best’ candidates who score good results.

What I’m trying to say is, result is important but it is not everything. Attitude and a healthier should be the main concern that current students and people need to stress. I have this thought because there are many students (including myself) change our daily life time to American style during exam period. Relationship with family might be a serious problem because students tend to have a bossy attitude and stereotyped family should know he/she better than other friends. When family did something that do not meet their expectation, the dark and real side of student will be showed towards their family. You might think that it is horrible situation and unlikely happen to you, but please be aware for this situation.

Okay, let’s get back to my life. I am going to enter into corporate life within two weeks. Internship! Honestly, I can’t wait for it! Let’s see what I will learn and how mature can I be after this internship period.

Post Exam celebration with family at El Cerdo.

Smile of 'MonaliPig'?

Appetizer- Salad
Appetizer- Mushroom Soups

Main Dishes- Steak

Main Dishes- The picture say it all
My brother and Me

Ohya, I want to say a thank you to this good friend because she always provides a platform for me to distress during the preparation of final exam!
Thank you Housewife!