Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Enjoy Meals at washroom?

There was a news aroused criticism from people. Will you let your children enjoy meals at washroom even the washroom is clean? I think the answer from most of the people is NO!
Headline of China Press, 23th July 2013.
Photo taken from
However, there was one primary school (Sekolah Kebangsaan) in Malaysia ordered non-muslim students enjoyed their meals in washroom. The reason was there had no enough places for these students to enjoy their meals in cafeteria. HAHAHA! This is definitely one of worst decisions by teacher. It was definitely stupid action! Why must non-muslim students have their meals in cafeteria? Teachers only realized the problem of lack of spaces in cafeteria in this Ramadan period?!
From left: Musthaq and me.
As I see it, it was just their excuses for not distract Muslim student’s attention in puasa! It stimuli my thought in training Muslim’s willpower on fulfill the prohibited actions during this Ramadan period. Frankly speaking, I really admire those Muslims who can make it without violate the rules. I have some Muslim friends in university; they really can make it even their friends were eating in front of them. Musthaq, one of my best friends in university, is doing a very good job in this. We are trying not to eat in front of him for not distract his attention in the prohibiting process. However, he was still sat beside us when we were having lunch and eating some snacks during entertainment section. He never complains for it and keeps asking us not to change our plan because of him. Appreciate. We promise to bring you for good meals after buka puasa!

My teacher shared his experienced on Facebook about admiring at training of Muslims to their children for not violating rules during Ramadan. A father was holding his son in one of his arms, and taking a slice of pizza at another hand to seduce him. The eyes of his son showed his desperation in wanting the pizza stay in their tummy! His father did not stop his action in seducing him but put the pizza closer to his son mouth. Can you imagine on how suffer was his son? Let’s imagine you are the ‘pity’ son. Though, the father just reminded his son, ‘It is still not the time for you to eat the pizza. Hold on!’ What a tactic! Frankly speaking, I really admire them and I think the son will have a bright future! If he can use his willpower in improving Malaysia, we will live better than now! I like this tactic but it should be used in appropriate way and family should educate their children in doing the best thing for country.

As you all can see it, improvement of leadership of leaders in this country must be improved for better future. Education of this country is similar with our current leader now; it needs a lot of improvement. In the current education system, many good students are not able to enter local university because of Quota system. Now is even worse! I truly hope that I can be the witness of better future, and involve in the changing of country too! Inspire the next generation.

Congratulation to ENGLAND, William & Kate!
Ohya, congratulation to Kate! She borns a prince for England! Have you guys read a joke about half-blood prince? Let’s find it out on twitter or website! If the joke is still on website!

Monday, July 22, 2013

S-oil 'HERE' Campaign

Parking slot is of the big issues that many people faced especially university students. For me, many people like me always drive around outside of University to find a parking slot. As near as possible. Life is full of challenge. I can hardly to find a good parking slot without drive my car for few rounds.  Time consuming.

Picture taken from Mazuriah's World, 2010.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has one of the best parking slots in Malaysia because the availability of parking slots is linked with light pulp. Green light will be changed when the parking slot is not available; green light will remained unchanged when the parking slot is available. Technology. These kinds of technologies are applicable at indoor parking slots, but how about outdoor parking slots?

I watched a video today, it shown the creativity of S-oil, one of the four oil companies in Korea. South Korea is a country devoid of oil. Cars user are increasing each day and also petrol users. I was quite surprised for the oil that Korean spent on finding parking slots ONLY. Seriously, I think we are spending the similar amount of petrol in just finding parking slots too! S-oil organized a ‘HERE’ campaign to help people in finding available outdoor parking slots easier. They set balloon at the end of each parking slots. When there is car on the parking slot, the balloon will be lower down automatically due to the line of the balloon pushed by car. When there is no car on the parking slot, the balloon will be raised up. SUPERB IDEA! Personally, I really admire the creator of this campaign.

However, I was worried for the ingredients in this balloon. If the air inside the balloon is Helium, I hope there is another alternative ingredient to replace this because Helium is non-renewable resources too. The current issue is, whether this campaign can be organized at Malaysia. I read some comments from other views of this video, they were afraid that Malaysia driver will take the balloons to home! HAHAHA! For me, this campaign can be succeeding in Malaysia when most of the drivers increase their parking skills! Sometimes, lack of parking slots is due to double-parking!

In my opinion, the more similar ideas and campaign appeared in world, the more benefits people gets. Other than these ideas and campaign, the insight of human plays more important role in solving many questions, including parking issue. Education will increase the moral and insight of human in a country. I enclosed this blog with a famous quote of Mandela: 

'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.'


Shopping with myself

Starring and story line of a movie plays important role in affecting people enter cinema to watch it. It is hardly for me to watch movie in cinema because I always consider the value of money! I would rather download or watch the movie via website than watch a low quality movie in cinema.

Personal Time
Today, I went to Paradigm for movie and shopping. Nobody accompany me, I did all these things alone. Sometimes, it is good to have time for yourself only. Spend your time with yourself and without any consideration to your friend’s situation. I’m not trying to say that consideration to friend’s situation is annoyed or burden but sometimes we just need to have some personal time, like today. Relax.
Picture taken from website.
Movie Time!
Blind detective, starring by Andy Lau and Sammy Chen, the first movie they partner together again in movie since 2003. I still remember the last movie they acted together! They have good acting skills and director of the movie has good reputation. These factors attracted me to watch this movie in cinema. Reputation. The movie was talking about a blind detective (acted by Andy Lau) and a police (acted by Sammy Chen) were working together to find Minnie, friend of the police, who have lost for many years. There were many incidents happened when they were finding Minnie. At the end, of course, they found her successfully! I would rate this movie 7/10. I would recommend you to watch it in cinema.

After finished watching the movie, I went to Uniqlo for buying three shorts. For the unknown reasons, I still have not found out the reasons, the price of shorts always higher than shirts! That is the reason I don’t have much well-designed and good quality shorts in house. Uniqlo is currently doing promotion for shorts and shirts. I bought these two shorts for RM139.80 instead of RM239.80, and one votive short for RM 39.90. I chose not to purchase the cotton shirt although it only sells RM24.90 for two! Spend money wisely!
ON gang.
Photo from Slyvia.
Event: Lunch at Burger Junkyard at 19 May 2013.
University Brother (Friends)
There are many gang in the same batch, same course, same class. I am blessed with I meet with friends who treated friends nicely and honestly. We mean what we say, and show our real emotions and feelings to other people. We always trolling or say sarcastic jokes to each other in order of correcting each other mistakes. We always helping each other in academy as much as possible in own ability, and we shared the answer with others. Even part of the assignment! We truly want each other to be a better person and go through university life well. These acts are totally over my expectation. My thought on university friends are almost on the other side before I entered to here. I mean most of the friends.

Daily Mission
I am trying to type blog every day to improve my English and training my critical thinking. Mission in semester break.
All the best to every exam candidates in Hin Hua High School!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

‘Burger Junkyard and Nadeje’ Food trip

Yes! It’s time to relax! How we relax? Eating and chilling with friends!
I drove to Glynis house to fetch her, and now we only realized the distance of our house is very short! BUT! I still need to spend some times to find her house because I never been there before.

Me with Glynis
Shin Erl met us at campus side-gate around 1120a.m., and then Benjemin brought us to Burger JunkyardHe agreed to bring me to Burger Junkyard without hesitation when I asked him for the direction to there. ! Thanks bro, you really a very nice guys! I owe you a lunch!
From left:
Shin Erl with Buffalo Soldier burger,
Glynis with her Formegi Etfungi Burger

For me, the burger in this shop is the best compared to the other burger shops that I have tried. 

The portion is big, and the value of money is totally worth! This was my second time been here, and it still satisfy me very much.

Me with my Brooklyn Burger!

Burger Junkyard
No. 16-G, Jalan PJU 5/20D, The Strand, Kota Damansara.
Tel: 03-6143-4305

Business hours: 
12pm until 3pm, 6pm to 10am.
Open daily except Sundays 

FB page:

It is also listed as Top 5 Joint Burger at KL! Just go for it, you will not regret for this! (Resources:

Above: Original Flavor
Below: Praline Lover

After having our wonderful and delicious lunch, we went to Nadeje for our dessert! It is my first time been here and tried out the cake from this famous cake shop. I’ve been Melaka for few times but I failed to enjoy the cake at there. Okay, at least I can try those cakes now!

The environment of the shop was nice, very convenient for customer. I mean, when there is less people queue for cake or no people chat loudly inside the shop. I ordered a slice of cake which named ‘Praline Lover’, and the girls ordered Original flavor cake. I think the worker had put too much cream and mild as ‘Praline Lover’ ingredients after I taste it. I am not dislike the taste but it just too much for me. However, the ‘love shape’ chocolate is nice! Good looking and good in taste too!

(FB page:

I am looking forward to eat these cakes at the main branch in Melaka! Rumours said that it was better than branch in PJ! I would like to try it and prove whether rumours are true or not. It is kind of scientific method and process! Never believe in rumour before it is proven by fact. I learned this at this semester subject ‘Scientific Ideas and Innovation’. It is good for all of us!

From left: Mook, Shin Erl, Glynis

After the chit-chat sessions with these two sweet girls, we went back to home around 3 to avoid traffic jam and to let Glynis returned to her hometown earlier.

It was a good day to enjoy good foods and desserts with them. Unforgettable day and a huge apologize to my tummy! I promised myself that I will keep my body fit start from now.

*I did it because I went to gym at the day after this food trip!*

Specially thanks to Glynis for taking those photos!

Girls, next trip is to Cheras Pasar Malam! 
Hope to see you two soon! :D

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Year 2 Semester (1) Break

Exam is OVER! Now is holiday mood!
WAIT. Not really holiday mood yet. There are still many things that I need to do.

Writer + Speaker+ Leader dream in progress.
All the things I am going to do now are for my self-improvement. Toastmaster 3rd and 4th Speech and Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group event’s preparation will be my main tasks of self-improvement.
And, I will become a writer again! Okay, please just let me fulfill my writer dream.
I am going to write my own autobiography. This time is first to record my 2nd year University life. It is because there were so many things happened in these few months, such as relationship and academy problem. The other purpose for me to write this is to let me remind back this 3 years story when I am growing older and older.
Photo + Word are the format of this autobiography. 
I am not trying to say that I am superstar or what, but just trying to record down my life. English is too difficult for me at this time, perhaps next time I will record it down in English!

Meet My Old Friends!
Furthermore, I am going to meet many old friends during this holiday. I have not meet them for a very long time since my semester started! I am going to meet those who are special for me and then have chat for long time!

Time management and consistency will become my best friends to accomplish mission impossible.

Mook, you can do it!