Sunday, April 7, 2013

Target at Year 2 life

Time flies.

I could not believe that I am already a year 2 student! After I 'wasted' time at Year 1, this year definitely will be a more challenging and busy year.

Academy Performances and Development of Myself
I already started to read journal followed the revision plan that had been made for this year 2. The reason being that I so hardworking are because of I want to fight for at least a Second Upper class when I graduate, and also learn to be more efficiency in doing assignment and revision.

Other than academy performances, I also intend to have a good development for myself. As what lecturers and seniors told me, focus on study is definitely not enough to survive at this technology society. We need to improve other soft skills in life or work instead of just get a good result in academy. 

I am currently active in Sunway CIS ECA Scholarship Group, and ready to involve more in Sunway Toastmaster Club. After joining these two clubs, I already felt the positive impacts such as improvement of self-confidence, self-management, self-motivated, and skills of public speaking in English.

In week 2, I have done my second speech and the first event of my scholarship club. I got some very positive feedback and felt that I will have a good development in this year. What I learned in this week event was the power of teamwork. Without my friends and partner, I can’t worked so well and probably would not get positive result like what I got now.

This is the word of this year for me. Appreciate for what I have, learn new knowledge from others, and also implement it into my life. I will try to spread this thought to my friends; then we all learn from each other and become a better person.
Let’s FIGHT!  
First Internship Workshop (April 2, Tuesday)
The not so normal one. hehe

I wonder why my expression so different than others. Hmm :\

Friend's Birthday Celebration Photo (April 5, Friday)
The gang outside MOF, Sunway Pyramid
G.F.Y. gang
 (Second person at right hand side is our B'day Boy!) *I mean two week later.*