Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Uni Life start!!

My university life is finally started from now!!
There is only 7 students come from my secondary school.
3 of them are studying the Victoria University course and 4 of us is studying course that partner with Lancaster University.
I’m felt very happy because 4 of us is good friend since secondary school and I know 2 of them for 7 years already and now we study the same school again.
Ohya!! I felt surprised too because I found 1 of my primary school classmate have same intake although she is not studying the same course with me.
I have chosen the Business Management course and other three friends chose Accounting and Finance course. 
Okay, I have a not bad arrangement for my class schedule because Friday got no class but dismiss time is late for the first three days. :(

My first activity in my Uni life is orientation. It’s not bad, at least I know some new friend at here and did a good advertisement—Kung Pao Chicken! :D
In this orientation, I have learned lot of knowledge and basically know how my Uni life goes on.
The most important thing that I have to do now is learn my English well!
They are many well spoken English students in Sunway Uni, and their Chinese not bad too~
This is one of the things that make me surprised too.
It’s no offense but just surprised. :)
Is it real ? LOL~

Start from now, I have to concentrate on my study and extra activities in this future 3 years!
Wish me all the best and good luck. :D

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