Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visit KL with Japanese Students

2012 Oct 16        

This is one of the most memorable days in my life.
Although I have never been Japan before, I have a chance to know Japanese friends now.
Today event is B&S program; it stands for Brother and Sister Program.
There are around 150 students (if im not mistaken) and had been distributed to 7 big group, there are few small group inside the big group.
Wan Jie and me
Wan Jie and I are leaded 8 Japanese students visit KLCC and Pavillion.
Our group included 2 guys and 6 girls, which all are kawaii and kakuyii (beautiful and handsome).
The first time Wan Jie and me saw their teacher, we both fall in love on her. She is just gorgeous and awesome. Beautiful, tall and temperament.
*How desperate that I want to have a girlfriend like her. (LAUGH)
The first moment we talked with our group students, we were shocked.
It is because we only know some Japanese word, and they only know some English word!
Japanese High School Teacher
So, how we communicate each other successfully?
Google translate, one of the most important and useful things in this trip.
We use this software and some action to communicate with each other.
This is what you all order on this day! :D
We went to Pavillion food court for lunch together.
I spent this time to remember their name and I find this was not an easy job.
Yuki, Yuri, Yui, Yuto, Torii, Maemoto, Ishii, and Nakada.
*Wan Jie and me are not couple, she has a good boyfriend and I’m still single.  T.T
**Sorry for always forgot your names, my friends. But now I still remember you all! :D
And, I regret to take photo with you all at lunch time! Regret!!!
KL Pedestrian Walkway
After having lunch at food court, we walked to KLCC by using the RM100billion Pedestrian Walk.
Walked 1.17 kilometers after lunch was a good choice! It helped you digest faster.

We shopping at KLCC for around 2 hours and we spend most of the time at Cold Storage!
The price lists in KLCC are really high; it is not that affordable for students like us.
When we walk into Cold Storage, I saw their satisfaction. Wan Jie and I were so happy for this.
They buy a lot of ‘BOH’ tea and chocolate from there! They really do love tea so much.
And, chocolate also!! We find the same topic of us. (Laugh)
Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2
After we grocery shopping at there, we went to KLCC park for some photo shooting.
There is AKB48 at Japan, now there is one more group, which is called AKB8!
You all are superstar because there are many foreigners require to photo shoot with you all!
I have never tried this before.
with foreigners 
with foreigners 1

After we took some group photo, we brought them back to Prince Hotel by 6pm.
We took some photo at Prince Hotel, and then we end this trip. (Sad)

Wan Jie with all 1
Wan Jie with all

*Remember the word we teach you, ‘ambil gambar’! Use translator to translate it if you forget! :D
Although we have some problem in communication, we were happy in this one day trip.
Your smile is the best response for us.
Hope you all enjoy this trip at Kuala Lumpur.
**After today event, for me, it really raised my view to standards of beautiful girls.
Mook with all

This is something that I want to say to you all personally

Yuki: I felt so nice to meet you! You are very friendly and nice to talk!

Yuri: Your skin is so white, I admire it! And your smile is sweet. LIKE. :)

Yui: You are so nice!  Felt sorry for forget your names sometimes, but now I remember! :P

Ishii: I love chocolate too! If we have the chance to meet again, I hope we can eat chocolate together! :D

Torii: You are tall and beautiful. :D Same as Ishii, we should eat chocolate together next time! :D I like the post we took photo! What it means? Can you please tell me? :D

Maemoto: Girl, you are so CUTE! Honestly, you are the cutest person I have met in my life. Cute face, sweet smile, and good personality. ^^

Yuto: Hey guys! You are handsome and good. Are the bottles of green tea nice? :) Let’s play basketball together next time! :D
Nakata: You are so nice! You play tennis and baseball, hope I can see you in television in the future! *teach me play tennis next time! The boy who plays tennis is handsome!
Good Luck everyone! 

Hope to see you all again soon! I already miss you all so much!
No matter what, let’s ROCK in our life!

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