Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gathering with S3 friends~

Final exam is coming at 2 week later.
Revision and assignment still have not done yet.
And, I cannot cool down myself to study.
Then, let’s have a rest.
Lovely night 1

Lovely night 2 ;)

This Friday night, I had a great gathering with ex-classmates at S3ACL.
I drove and fetched two fellows to reach the place of our gathering, Station one, Bukit Tinggi.
I planned this gathering 3 weeks before, but still not much people attended this gathering.  **Sigh**
There are just 7 people gather at Station one, and two more person join us when watch movie at Jusco, Bukit Tinngi.
Friends who attended this gathering are Esslie, Ying Ying, Renee, Wiki, Darren, Huang Yao and me. (Meng kuan and Siput joined us at last.)
We chit chat a lot and felt so sad to Huang Yao because nobody recognize him when he was calling to others. LOL~
Although only a small gathering that supposed to be BIG, we had fun in this gathering too.
Actually I like small gathering rather than big gathering because we can simply catch up each other and exchange information/experience clearly.

After this, we decided to watch a movie because the night still young.
We watched a cartoon movie, BRAVE, which let us keep laughing and made baby cry inside cinema. **The volume had scared me jump from my place too! **
This movie is good and meaningful, but I would suggest not bringing children that easily get scared and cry to watch this movie in cinema unless you can take care of them. LOL
This 3 idiot are DAMN CUTE !!

Those idiot became this bear bear, CUTE *100 !!! Love it :)

When movie ended, we were going back to our home.
It means that this gathering dismiss.
Perhaps we can meet each other again soon.
Good luck and take care, my friends. :)