Sunday, May 27, 2012

Uni Life 3

I’m BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First, I have to say sorry to my blog, because I abandoned you for long time.
And say a big HI to my reader again! ;D

Okay, I back to this ‘home’ to say something.
University life is not that easy at all. It is full of CHALLENGES.
Teacher won’t keep asking you to finish your assignments, you have the right to say NO to refuse anything you don’t like and you also can skip any class because of your laziness or other reason.
The timetable is not that FULL than high school and you have more break time. Some more you don’t have to go to school at Saturday.
It seems like we have more freedom, but in reality, it is not, ABSOLUTELY NOT!
You can find times to relax yourself even you are really very busy in your high school life, but in university, it is ABSOLUTELY different.
You can always feel stress is bearing on your shoulder.
For me, there are many reasons, like I have to fight for better result, and fight for my bright future.
Of course, result is not the only way to measure your ability, but you have to confess, not only you, your fellows, parents and lecture are TREATING it SERIOUSLY.
But never mind, I BELIEVE I can settle this all things well. I believe I can! :)

I know why my seniors always suffer in assignment now, because it is really not an easy work.
Actually assignment is not that hard, but laziness will make us fall into a DEEP hole and then we have to climb out hardly and MUST become surrender successfully.
Once you have good team-mates, then your work will become easier.

In conclusion, University life is not that easy like what you think at high school.
HOWEVER, I believe I can survive. Like A Boss.

Haha, now I should write something that is GOOD.
Although life is not easy, we still have to face it and learn something from it.
I attended many forum and speech in Sunway University, this make me feel that I am so lucky to have the opportunity to learn knowledge from experienced people.
In addition, I am currently president in my scholarship group.
I really appreciate my senior and fellows who always support me and help me.
I’m improving myself by learning their experienced and apply it into my life; it really helps me a lot.

I used to hope that I can study oversea desperately, but now, I have changed my thought.
I want to stay at here, and contribute to Sunway University, to this foundation group.
Perhaps I have the chance.

Appreciate ~ LIFE.  <3

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