Sunday, January 5, 2014

Last day of 2013

It was a wonderful day!
Five of us.
From Left: Kar Soon, Bieber, Me, Eu Mun, Hong Lu
Firstly, I had a gathering session with my primary school friends. This is our 14th year of our relationship and it is still counting. I did not have much contact with them for six years since we graduated from primary school. After we graduated from high school, I met them again at last year. I always have good time with them. Okay, I always have good time for every gathering.

We reached Grafa Café at 2pm, which was one hour behind the schedule, for our lunch. I thought it provided similar environment and atmosphere like what majority café did. Unexpectedly, they did not turn on air-conditioner at noon when it is an open-space café! I was enjoying their cabonara with Bacon and the environment was good for chilling. Honestly, I was not satisfied their coffee because the look of Cappucino, which was the coffee that I ordered, was not look nice. The taste of it was just okay for me. Before we left for count down party, we went to Tong Pak Fu for the ‘real’ chilling with some ‘deep’ topic. If you know what it means.


I was rushing to Sunway South Quay for the countdown pool party. This was my first ever count down with friends in my life. Previously, I spent my New Year eve in front of the computer or television, and kept greeting my friends a happy new year after fireworks scared my dog. In case you might now know, most of the dogs are afraid of the sound of fireworks! 

Our master of BBQ, Musthaq, set up the fire with Terrence, Alex and me. It always a tough job for me when we used charcoal to set up the fire because I was gets used to set up fire by using branches. Food and beverages was just enough for the person who attended the party and no food was wasted. I did not eat too much food that required barbeque because I was too lazy to do it.

Cellular phone became our ‘defend shield’. Alex, Musthaq, Terrence and Me were the planner who push and throw people into swimming pool. Keen Yan, Trisha, Zu Qian, and the lat but not least, Pook were our victims. The hardest task and mission was to throw Pook into swimming pool because he had the defend shield in his pocket! However, team works always solve problem, such as five person worked together to took his phone and pulse from his pocket, and then caught and lift him to the side swimming pool. Three, two, one, THROW! *Water splash* MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

We chit chat, played card and took photo to spend our time until 12am. The firework from Sunway Lagoon was magnificent and all of us enjoyed it. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and let’s enjoy this brand new year with POSITIVE THINKING!