Monday, August 26, 2013

‘Hey, Jude’ and Gathering with Primary School’s friend

It was definitely one of the best performances that I’ve seen in singing competition.
Simon was opponent of Bi Xia at the battle round of ‘The Voice of China’. Simon (come from HK, 65 years old) has been involving in making ‘ROCK’ music until now. Bi Xia was struggling in singing the song well in practice session; hence he taught his opponent instead of keep all the skills to himself when they were preparing for the song, ‘Hey, Jude’.  

For me, it was not a competition but more like a concert when I was watching their performances. You can feel the excitement and happiness of all the people inside the hall. There’s always people to leave in a competition since there will only have one winner. As what I expected, Simon won’t go through to next round because the show needs younger talents to help them for gaining money in the future. However, the spirit of Simon in loving music and keep his persistency in making more music are the role model for us! For me, it is not just a competition, but also a platform to show the proper attitude in treating our life. Persistency in doing good thing is much more appreciated in this world.
Bi Xia won the battle, Simon won our heart, and their performance won my tears and respect. I wish their show is never end, like what the host said. Thanks for the good performance and bring us a good memory. Thank you.

With Fuying.
I was using Waze as guidance for me to drive to my friend’s house for our primary school gathering. Expectedly, the GPS only worked for my Galaxy ACE after half an hour. I was nearly lost but luckily I found the correct address after struggling in the wrong house area. Thanks to Vivian for gave me a chicken wing when I just stepped into the house. There were a lot of sausages and salty chicken wings. Hong Mun (the organizer), Vivian, Eu Mun, Su Mei, Hong Lu, Bieber and I were the only seven fellows from our 6M to attend this gathering. As usual.We had some good conversation and made some jokes during the BBQ event. Fuying, one of the singers of Fuying and Sam, was attending this BBQ too. He was one of my friend's friend, that's why he came to here after his performance at Summit USJ.

Overall, this was a good gathering because everyone was happy for the food and conversation. I don't really feel the gap between us in our conversation although we did not meet each other for long time.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trips, Toastmaster and Y2S1 Results


Group Photo w waterfall and forest.
Left (back): Hui Nii, Shim, Me, Shin Erl
Left (Front role): Ben Aw, Shan Jie
Playing in the water
Guys were in the cold water!
Group photo on the bridge!
Ben Aw was working on Chocolate flavour seasoning and otak-otak
Thanks Shim for these BBQ event photos.
For the first time, I have organized a BBQ in my orchard and presented my project speech at other club. On Sunday, Ben Aw and Shan Jie went to Jusco with me to purchase the ingredients and foods for BBQ. They already bought 90 stick of Otak-otak from Muar; hence we bought chicken wings, fish, sausages, ‘crap stick’, mushmarrow, and some seasoning. After that, we gossiped and watched ‘Scream 1’ in my room until 4am. You can never watch horror movie with them because you will keep laughing! After this all, I slept until 6am and they continue to gossip for topics due to insomnia! On Monday, we met Shin Erl, Shim and Hui Nii at Sunway, and then we were moving forward to orchard! We enjoyed our trips by eating durians, good value-of-money of breakfast, played in waterfall and BBQ! This was my first ever BBQ by using wood to outbreak of fire. Almost all the foods are finished expect for fish and otak-otak. Some China friends of Baba came to the orchard after we finished fire our food in first round. They loved Otak-otak very much and appreciated our effort in organizing BBQ at orchard! Ben Aw and Shan Jie were planning to export Otak-otak to China, which were very ambitious but funny part when we were discussing about it. Overall, it was a very good experience and we are planning to have another BBQ at to orchard soon!

Breakfast! Our 1st Group Photo too!
Leng ZaiS before lunch!
Thanks Musthaq! :3
Kyle was finding parking, Mushtaq the camera man,
and we took a photo infront of the ship
Group Photo in front of an empty train
On the boat at night!
These Melaka Trip's Photo were taken from Musthaq.

On Friday, Kyle had rented a car, Alza, and fetching Sylvia, KL, Keen Yan, Musthaq and me to Melaka. First thanks to Kyle for his effort, Keen Yan for the GPS and everyone for making a fun and memorable trip. Our activies are we ate Chicken rice as our breakfast, visited museum of Baba and Nyonya, had a dissatisfied lunch at ‘Amy’, visited Malay Palace, first tried Coconut Milkshake Special, bought some souvenirs and nearly got free gift from shops, enjoyed ‘Sick Satay Celup’, ate Cendol and watched a martial performances at Jonker Street, and last stop was sitting on boat to look at night view of Melaka. It was a good trip that we will remember when there was a ‘paparazi style’ in finding destination of the ship at evening. Again, I want to say thank you to Kyle from the deepest of my heart because he really made many efforts in organizing a good trip. Last trip before our new semester start, I would use one word to describe it, AWESOME!


These 3 photos were taken from DTM Victor Ong blog:

On Wednesday, I had finally done my CC#3 speech at other club, REAL toastmaster club. The meeting was organized in the hall of their office at SS19. I went to there with another speaker, DTM Victor Ong. He was my lecturer and recently the President of Sunway University Toastmaster Club (SUTC). The summary will be posted in blog of SUTC soon, the link is ‘’. This was one of the best meetings that I have joined in these one and a half years. It were because there were role players did very good job and many good speakers and speeches during this meeting! I would definitely return to this club again if I got time since it was organized at 3.30pm, and there is no crash with my own timetable.

This was one of the best moments in my life for seeing my academy results. Before the results were released, I really thought I will fail my Business Law, delay my internship, got 2C and 2D, and I have to fight for second lower class in the future semester. Surprisingly, I passed my Business Law with a mark that make me feel hard work really paid off, and got results that can allow me to fight for second upper class! I felt so blessed and wonderful after seeing the result. I screamed, ran to my parent room in 12 midnight, told them my results and I saw their nice smile again! It was a victory moment for me. Second Upper, I am going to get you when I graduate!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Barcelona VS Malaysia 2013

Date: 10 Aug 2013
Venue: Stadium Shah Alam (changed from Bukit Jalil due to bad pitch condition)
We were supposed to sit at here! But we.....
Kai Mian and I reached the outside of the stadium at 1800. We were totally amazed by the crowd that already at outside of stadium. The match was going to start at 2045 but there were more than a quarter of people already. The queuing line was separated till more than 10 lines and the length of each queue were around 100m. FACT.
Here we are! The closest seats that we can find.

It was still only two hours before the match but you can see the crowds.

One hour before the match. 
This is the crowds at ONE HOUR before the match!

As you can see the time, it was one hour before.
But the right hand side of stadium was not that crowded.
We were supposed to sit at the tier 2 (middle role) but due to the venue changed, we able to sit at tier 1 (most front role) which cost RM288! *Our ticket price was RM208*. The benefit of sitting in front are we can see the player face at the clearly!
Our National team coach, Rajagopal

Malaysia Team in training
Pedro in the training
Pedro in the training
Pedro in the training
At first, our main coach, Rajagopal, walked around the pitch and greeted fans! Players of Malaysia came out from the player passageway for training after he finished his walking around the stadium. Pedro surprised all the fans because he ran around the stadium with companion of his fitness training coach. The fans were screaming for sometimes when they saw Pedro. I SAW HIM! I SAW HIS FACE CLEARLY! OMG! Sadly, our camera was not good enough to shoot clearer picture. I will remember the feeling and image as long as possible. 
Barcelona in training!

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After this, there was bigger screaming inside the stadium because Barcelona’s players came out for training! Xavi, Iniesta, Neymar, Alex Sanchex, Pique, Mascherano, Dani Alves, Adriano, Jordi Alba, Fabregas… OMG! I can’t believe that I can see them in this distance! Although it is not a very close distance, I was able to their face clearly! Our own half fans were shouting ‘Iniesta’ when he came close to us.

The score was wrong!

During the match, I have seen the world class passing, control, possession, attack and defense of Barcelona, and spirit of Malaysia’s players! The feeling of watching live football match was awesome! I have seen the world class defense skills of Pique and Mascherano, and the 2012-2013 La Liga Champion player’s strong degree of physical. I can hear the sound of the ball when it were kicked or hit players! I think I would be lying in hospital after hit by the ball for one times! Before the first goal came, Mascherano could not mark our winger because he was too fast! It leaded to Malaysian have one of the best chances in this match when Norsharul one-on-one to Valdes. His shot was brilliantly saved by Valdes and the ball was hit the woodwork! What a waste!

Few minutes later, Fabregas scored the first goal. From the view of my seats, I saw him jumped up and headed the ball back to the net. We were shocked for this goal because I thought goalkeeper should be able to save the ball and keep his clean sheet for longer time. The crowd shout ‘goal!’ after his score like La Liga fans did. For me, the best moment of the match was Amri Yahya scored an equalizer goal against Barcelona! 1-1! It was a very beautiful goal and classic counter attack. It ended up with our player scored due to the mistake of Alba’s clearance. I think most of the fans were using all of their power to shout ‘GOAL!’ because I felt the stadium might be fallen due to the scream! For me, it was also the best moment in watching live football matches in stadium. Amri Yahya celebrated the goal in front of us with a ‘come on!’ pose!
However, happiness is always short for us. 3 minutes later, Neymar showed his wonderful dribbling and shooting skills to help Barcelona sit at the front place again. 2-1! The score board broadcasted the score wrongly for around 1 minute, which stated Malaysia 2-1 Barcelona. Organizer corrected the score board to Malaysia 1-2 Barcelona soon after realizing the mistake. This score remain the same until Pique, who was the captain after Xavi was substituted by Dos Santos, extended the lead of Barcelona to two goals at 75 minutes. Fabregas through passed to Pique, and then the Barcelona captain scored the goal after turned around between two Malaysia’s defenders inside the box. Malaysia 1-3 Barcelona! There were no more goals until full time. Barcelona won their last friendly match before the new season of La Liga start at next week.

During the match, the calmness of Xavi and Iniesta in controlling and passing were world class while Malaysian’s players defend actively. I also remembered the defense of Malaysian to Barcelona’s players were tactically strong because they would have 2-3 players marked the player who was holding the ball. They were 3 players marked and forced Sanchez from middle to left hand side of the box, and it ended up with the ball was out of the line. Fans who sat around me were laughed and impressed by the tactics of Malaysian players. Other than that, I hardly found any chance for Malaysian’s player won the heading when they versus Pique. He is freaking tall and physically was strong. Mascherano was physically strong and the spirit of him in this match was impressive too. I can easily imagine how strong the physical that Barclays Premier League player required after this two ex-BPL player’s performances. Barcelona uses the spaces of the field well as they fully utilized it when attacking. They always passed the ball from left to right in order to find the chance to score goals from Malaysian ‘All-out-defense’ strategy.

Start form the second half, fans always shouted the name of king, MESSI, because we wanted to see him to play on pitch. Unfortunately, he was in thigh injury and could not play for this game. Fabregas was one of the key players, as he played ‘fake 9’ role and contributed one goal and two assists. One of the fans wrote ‘COME BACK HOME, FABREGAS. ARSENAL IS YOUR HOME!’ on a paper and walk in front of me. I was so regretted for not taking the photo of him and the words on the paper! Furthermore, all of the fans also played ‘waves’ during first half of the match.

There was a ceremony for Barcelona players lifting up the trophy as celebration for their victory and as a gift for them to play with Malaysia. Unlike Manchester City players, who played with Malaysia to Bukit Jalil at last year, Barcelona player did not walked around the stadium to thank and greet fans after the match.
Overall, it was a good experience for me. I gained some experiences after attending two live football matches in different stadium in these two years. I would recommend fans not to purchase the expensive ticket if you have no chance to get closer with players. It is because I realized the only advantage of VIP fans were they can take photo to player when they were lifting the trophy but could not shake their hands or neither takes autographs from them.

Thanks for Barcelona for coming and ,next target of me, watch Liverpool match at Anfield!