Monday, April 9, 2012

Uni life 2

Hehe,part of our GANG ! ;D

Well, I’m back! :D
First of all, I want to tell you all that I’m enjoying my Uni life very much!
Although the class dismiss time is late, but I still enjoy it.
I am learning knowledge and improving my skills of speaking and writing.
You know what? I found my English is extremely poor when I am studying at here!
I can speak with English but not fluency; I can write in English but cannot do it well.
As I am University students now, I have to find key to solve these problem. (Sounds so mature, isn’t? Haha! )
 So, I choose to join Marketing Club and Toastmaster to improve my English as soon as possible.
 Other than that, I am also joining Chinese Independent School Alumni and LEAP club to make my University life more wonderful.
I think I can handle my academic and activity well. No worry. :)
Class before Economics :) 
Okay, let’s talk the other experience I have in University life!
First of all, I am learning new friends and communicate with them by speaking English!
The environment forces me to be more active and brave to speak in English.
Although I was felt sad for not studying abroad, when I get used to this environment, I felt glad that I have this opportunity to train myself.
Is this called “blessing in disguise”? :)
My 1st Korean Friend! Yoo HyeSeung. :)
Secondly, there are many pretties at University!
This is a kind of appreciation, not prurience. ;D
I hope, just hope, to find a girlfriend soon. :P
Me,Musthaq and ROMEO !
Third, I realized that we can skip class easily because we have learnt all the things in our secondary school.
But I have not skips any class since intake until now, because the language changes to English!
I can answer those questions as accurate as I can, if I could answer it in Chinese.
The other reason is that my lecturer and class know who I am.
LOL! It’s because I did some ‘stupid’ action when answer lecturer question.
LMAO, but never mind, I can do my academy well despite need to answer it in different language now.

I’m still excited now and hoping my life will be better and better!

Set my goal at here now:
1)      Maintain my result in Division 1!
2)      Visit Lancaster University at least one time in my University life!
3)      Being a CRITICAL thinking people and improve my English!
Okay, that’s my goal and I get to archive it now!

Wish me good luck! :D