Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Uni Life start!!

My university life is finally started from now!!
There is only 7 students come from my secondary school.
3 of them are studying the Victoria University course and 4 of us is studying course that partner with Lancaster University.
I’m felt very happy because 4 of us is good friend since secondary school and I know 2 of them for 7 years already and now we study the same school again.
Ohya!! I felt surprised too because I found 1 of my primary school classmate have same intake although she is not studying the same course with me.
I have chosen the Business Management course and other three friends chose Accounting and Finance course. 
Okay, I have a not bad arrangement for my class schedule because Friday got no class but dismiss time is late for the first three days. :(

My first activity in my Uni life is orientation. It’s not bad, at least I know some new friend at here and did a good advertisement—Kung Pao Chicken! :D
In this orientation, I have learned lot of knowledge and basically know how my Uni life goes on.
The most important thing that I have to do now is learn my English well!
They are many well spoken English students in Sunway Uni, and their Chinese not bad too~
This is one of the things that make me surprised too.
It’s no offense but just surprised. :)
Is it real ? LOL~

Start from now, I have to concentrate on my study and extra activities in this future 3 years!
Wish me all the best and good luck. :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Month Holiday

My Beloved Brother and Me ! :D
Handsome? LOL~

I have been enjoyed my "longest" holiday ever for almost 5 month.
Now is waiting for Sunway Uni School Intake.
I'm feel very EXCITED now!!
I wish that my Uni life as WONDERFUL as my Secondary school life.
My Adam Lambert~ <3

Ok,let's have some review for what I've done in my holiday.

1. I have written a story between me and a girl that I liked. 
What conclusion for this ?
It's not easy to write a long story !
I have spent a lot of time and energy to complete this story. 
NVM,it is worth because I think we will have BIG BIG LAUGH when we read this story again in the future.
In addition,I also learned some skills to write a story and I wish it could be useful.
(Opps,I might write another story again but not now ! haha~)

2.I finished reading some good book.
I just found myself cant stop reading even not study at school.
I felt my life was SUCK without reading.
Maybe it is because I had join Library Society for 6 years and is get used to study everyday.
Well,it is a good habit and good way to spend the 'boring holiday'.
I have finished reading this EXTRAORDINARY novel that written by Stieg Larsson.
The Girls with Dragon Tatto. 
What a storyline and writing techniques.
I am admiring him more after I had been a 'short-term writer'.
Millenium Trilogy,I have just finished reading 1of 3,and there is 2 more to come.
Ya,my 'library' still don't have this 2 book. I gonna buy it soon. :)

3.I have finished many MOVIE and DRAMA !!
First,I must thanks my friend who introduce me QVOD to watch movie and drama.  
It's really a good program to watch movie and drama.
Honestly,I prefer this program than PPS.
Because I won't face the problem that can't find any movie or drama from internet when i want to watch it.
Ok,let's show what movie and drama i have watched in this 5 month.

I watched this movie online because M'sia will not show this in cinema !!
Haha,it is a DAMN GOOD movie !
Ya , i watched this movie after i finished reading the book.
Really F***ing nice lal !!
You should have watched or reading this in your life !
* I start admire Rooney Mara after watching this movie. Why ?
Go find and watch this movie then you know !
She is BRAVE !
An AWESOME movie adapted from Stephen King 's  book.
My cowardly soul was trembling when he open his arms.
" Get busy living , or get busy dying  "
I watched this movie 'again' !
haha,one of the classic movie.
But the showing time is too long ==
Anyway,I enjoyed when i watching. 
An old movie but is not bad.
Maybe you can go and watch it when free. :)

Touching and Warm Movie.
I just can't stop laughing when I was wathing this movie.
Hahahahaha , if u want laugh , go watch !!!
'Brother'----张国荣 was INCREDIBLE.
The story line made me felt sad and HIS ACTING MADE ME CRIED.
Don't believe me? You might go and watch it then you will understand that feeling.

A very meaningful and nice movie.
I like the attitude that they've shown to us. :)

Not bad drama. The actress is sooo beautiful !! ><

4.Keep Practicing Piano !
Erm...I did not play piano since primary 5. 
Now suddenly play again,my finger was suffer because have to move faster and faster.
Why I play piano suddenly leh ?
Not only I felt bored,I have a big big project behind this.
What project ? Hahahaa,will tell you all when the project done ! :D
Wish me Good Luck :)

''Why You No Sport ?'' (Designed Dialog :P )
This is what I probably do in this holiday.
Eh ???!!! Why no sport ???!!!!
I have do some sport actually.
I would go practicing my football skills when I lack of laziness.
The BIGGEST problem is,I always lazy. =3=
So,now become fat fat jor !!
I wanna go gym desperately !! 
Cristiano Ronaldo !!!
Wow,I updated my blog again...with english..
If there is some mistake in my blog,pls forgive and welcome for correct it through comment. :)
Thanks :D