Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Voice

In this few weeks, I have addicted to this singing competition.
The Voice Of China, which is a show imported from Holland.
(Start from left) Harlem Yu, Na Ying, Liu Huan, Yang Kun
The judges are Liu Huan, Na Ying, Yang Kun and Harlem Yu.
Both of them representative different style, as you can find it from their style, background and the way they choose teammates.

**This Sunday (Sept30) is the finale of 'The Voice Of China'.
I'm so interested on it, not because only it is a final, but also many singers will perform on the stages especially Adam Lambert will appear on the show!
WOW! What a good news to Glambert fans!
Start from now, my world is going to ROCK!
Believe me, they were not smiling when doing any decision.
Personally, I am seriously addicted into this show because there are many good voices and song.
Unfortunately, just like every competition, there are only one winner.

It was quite interesting and suffering when you watched them have to eliminate their own students.
There were some good voices that they (and you, maybe?) are not willing to eliminate, but they have no choice.
Although it was cruel, every singer have to keep improving and bring out their best performances to stay on the stage and to win the competition.
It is good for themselves and audiences, isn't it?

Just to show some ascoustic performances that I like. Hope you guys enjoy. :)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My 19th Birthday

With Ting and Shyuan! :D BIG hug :)
Potong the 1st cake!
This is my first ever birthday with University friends. Also, celebrate with Ken too, my ‘twins brother’ who is exactly same birthday with me.
Before my ‘official’ birthday, CIS ECA Scholar had celebrated my friends and my birthday after meeting.
I asked my friend to buy cake for that day birthday girl but I did not expect they celebrate it to me too. What a Surprised!
12.00a.m., Sept 14, Friday.
I can’t access to internet due to my home internet line problem.
Critical thinking. This was the time for me to use this. Thanks Miss. Anne Ho? LOL
I applied my phone 3G internet to laptop and log in to Facebook.
And, I replied my friends wishesssssss one by one by adding some wishes to them too.
I’m so kind isn’t it? HAHA!
I slept lately because of waiting friends call. *Don’t say me Perasan.*
I really surprised when someone who is unexpected called me. People who I expected did not call me but leave a message to me. Well, not bad. At least they wished me a happy birthday.

Group Photo

My friends and me went to Flaming Steamboat, which is beside Sunway Pyramid, for celebration after class ended at 430pm.
2 Birthday boy cut the cake!
Birthday boy feed each other!
I got another surprised because I received many present from friends! This really makes me surprised because I thought we just ate dinner together and got a cake as present.
Thanks to Vivian, Jasmine, Krstal, Benjamin and his friend, Goki, Keen Yan, the Twins girl, Jessie, Tiffany, Musthaq, Kim and Monica!
with Birthday boy! * He wore my shirt and I wear the present. :D
Another present--white shirt
I love those present so much, really :)
**Btw, the shirt really too fit/fat for me, I might not able wear those shirt to Uni but I will wear it at home or GYM. Thank you so much.
2 Birthday boy with Vivi 

With Krystal and Jasmine!

w Goki! *magikarp mouth*

w Jessie! 

w Keen Yan! Thanks for organised this!
w Kim!
w Musthaq!! :D
w Tiffany!
w Vivi 
Another Celebration on Monday, which was celebrated with Ben, Musthaq and Keen Yan.
I got my present by Ben, a phone cover and earphone. I like this because there were very useful.
We planned to watch 'Premium Rush' but the seat was full, so we changed our plan to watch 'Resident Evil 5'.
After the movie, we went to Starbuck to chit chat and thanks to Ben again for give me a free chocolate drink.
we are in second picture! from Li Bing Bing  Weibo

Another*2 celebration with my friends again one week later. We went to watch 'Resident Evil 5-Retribution' IMAX 3D with free tickets. (Credit to Bing Bing Lim and Li Bing Bing for last time event)
And we found that our picture was posted by Li Bing Bing herself on her weibo wall.
Yes, we were really very happy because our photo is still on her own wall!
What a good present, free ticket and satisfied our demand.

*Thanks to BoA Bing and your sister, same as Romeo, because you all let me have chance to be popular and got free Resident Evil Imax 3D ticket!
*Thanks to Rose Lee Wei Han who is currently at Australia but still remember my birthday and call me! It was really touching and unforgettable because this was also an UNEXPECTABLE wish. Thank you Wei Han! :D
*Thanks to ALL friends who wished me and I hope that I did not miss to reply any one.
*Thanks and felt sorry to my parents because they you two have been giving me good environment to live and study. I will do everything I can to let you two live better and stay happy.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Malaysia Premiere: Resident Evil-Retribution

This was my first 'chase star' experienced!
Malaysia Premiere: Resident Evil- Retribution
Specially thanks to my friends- Bing Bing Lim and Romeo, they let me had the opportunity to join this event.

with a not professional zombies! :P
This zombie still know how to pattern! ==

The event started at 6pm, and we arrived there around 4.45pm.
We took many photo with ZOMBIES and did some crazy thing.
The angel of everything. LOL

We are on website and newspaper after we took this photo.
Once we took this photo, our photo and face appear in some website such as Sony Pictures Malaysia and TGVcinemas, and on newspaper.
taken by TGVcinemas
Taken by Sony Pictures Malaysia
This is the free ticket! and we get 5 for this!
Other than this, we got some huge Resident Evil poster and IMAX 3D ticket for free!
Thanks to TGV cinemas! :D
The BIG-5. haha!
*I have posted this photo to weibo and tagged Li Bing Bing.
Although she did not reply us, some china fans replied us!
They praised us very lovely and nice!
Thanks to you all! ;)